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Images used courtesy of Smallville News


A meteor shower in Smallville, Kansas leaves behind a future superhero in the shape of a young boy who is taken in by Jonathan and Martha Kent. As his extraordinary powers begin to emerge, a teenage Clark faces the tribulations of high school and destiny changing relationships with his future nemesis Lex Luthor and first love Lana Lang.


Lana's life is put in danger when Greg Arkin, an old friend of Clark and Pete, decides Lana would be the perfect mate. No, not girlfriend, mate. Greg, an avid bug collector, has become part bug after being infected by the power of the meteor rocks and his crush on Lana has become an obsession. Clark must fight his old friend to protect the girl of
his dreams. Meanwhile, Clark must also deal with figuring out his life now that he knows where he is from and begins a tentative friendship with Lex Luthor.


When football players at Smallville High are caught in a cheating scandal, Coach Walt is forced to look for replacements. Clark disobeys his father's wishes and joins the team at the same time that Lana decides she wants to quit the cheerleading squad and get a part-time job. Chloe soon discovers that it was Coach Walt who supplied the cheaters with the test and she discovers his other secret as well: Coach Walt can control fire, and he doesn't want his secrets to be revealed by a teenage reporter on the front page of the Torch.


As Lana discovers some unsettling information about her mother, an old friend, Tina Greer, wants to become best friends again. Tina has the ability to change her shape at will and soon becomes obsessed with Lana, wishing Lana's perfect life was her own. Meanwhile, Lex's past secret is threatened by the presence of a reporter and Clark gets a neat new gift: x-ray vision.


After a mishap at an outdoor high school party in which Sean Kelvin ends up spending the night in Crater Lake, which was created by the meteor strike, all he wants to do is get warm. The meteor rocks made Sean incredibly cold, and his preferred way to warm up is by absorbing the heat out of high school girls, leaving them frozen solid. As Lana and Clark go to Metropolis on a "non-date" Clark must rush off to save Chloe, who Sean has eyed as his next heat source.


Clark and Pete decide to join Lana as a volunteer at the Smallville Retirement Centre where they are assigned to read to Cassandra Carver, an elderly woman who lost her sight in the meteor shower. Cassandra can tell the future of anyone she touches and Pete soon gets spooked and leaves. Clark believes in her power and she tells him someone he knows is going to die. Meanwhile Harry Volk, whom Lana is helping at the centre, disappears. Through the power of the meteor rocks Harry has become 17 again and has a deadly grudge against the ancestors of those who put him in jail years before, including Martha Kent.


Lana's birthday is fast approaching and Aunt Nell is busy preparing the "perfect" birthday party for her at Lex's Mansion. Lana, however, would much rather have a nice quiet birthday at home with her closest friends. When Whitney cannot attend the party Clark thinks it is the perfect chance to have another "non-date" with Lana. But when Chloe and Clark discover that Pete's date for the party, Jodi, has been infected by the meteor rocks and is sucking the fat out of people, Clark must not only find the perfect gift for Lana, but rescue Pete and make it back to the party in time for his dream date.


A former employee and friend of the Kents, Earl Jenkins, shows up in their barn shaking uncontrollably and telling stories about a secret Level Three in the Smallville Luthor Corp. plant. He says he was infected by the experimental spray they used on corn that has caused him to shake uncontrollably. He is taken to the hospital, but escapes. When Clark's class has a field trip to the Luthor Corp plant Earl shows up and takes them all hostage, saying that he will not let them go until he learns the truth about Level Three, but both Lex and Lionel insist that Level Three never existed.


During a trip to Metropolis a corrupt cop, Detective Sam Phalen of the Metropolis PD, witnesses Clark use his powers to save a homeless man from a runaway bus. Phalen decides he can use Clark for his own personal benefit. Clark agrees to help him stop bad guys in exchange for Phalen's secrecy about his gifts. Meanwhile, back in Smallville, Lex gets a visit from an old flame while Phalen tells Clark that Lex has his own secrets. When Clark tries to outsmart Phalen he gets his family in trouble and Jonathan is arrested for murder.


As an invisible force attacks kids at school and Lex and Victoria in the mansion, all signs point to Amy Palmer, a girl from school whose family works for Lex and who is obsessed with him. As Chloe and Clark investigate the bizarre attacks, Clark discovers something about Whitney that prevents him from advancing his relationship with Lana. After Amy's obsession with Lex is revealed and her family is asked to leave the mansion Lex thinks his problems with an invisible attacker are over, but it seems the attacker was waiting until Lex was alone to make his final move.


When a shady businessman, Bob Rickman, arrives in Smallville, Lex immediately senses trouble. Rickman wants to build a new pesticide plant in Smallville, and eyes the Kent's land as the perfect spot for his plant. Jonathan insists to his worried family that he would never sell the farm, but Rickman is no ordinary businessman. He and his former partner were in Smallville when the meteors struck and both men gained the power of persuasion. Now, with just a touch of their hand, they can get anyone to dowhatever they want, including Jonathan, Chloe and Lex.


Both Clark and a classmate named Eric are struck by lightning when Eric is holding a piece of meteorite rock. The strike takes Clark's powers away and transfers them to Eric. As Eric gets used to his new powers, Clark has to deal with being a normal person for the first time, with all the advantages and disadvantages. Eric's domineering father wants to have him examined in Metropolis - in response, Eric goes on a rampage. Borrowing Lana's meteor-rock necklace, Clark confronts Eric at a power plant and manages to reverse the transfer. Meanwhile, Sir Harry Hardwick and his daughter try to recruit Lex for their business in Metropolis and almost succeed in buying out LuthorCorp, but they find out that they were tricked by Lex.


Lex's mansion is robbed by thieves with strange glowy green tattoos who have the ability to walk through solid objects. While trying to protect herself during the robbery Chloe ends up thrown through a window and in a coma. After losing his scholarship, Whitney thinks he will never make it out of Smallville. He becomes friends with three former jocks, who convince him to get a green tattoo just like theirs. Lana and Lex begin a business partnership.


Lex's past secrets in Metropolis at the infamous Club Zero are xploited when an old friend with a grudge, Jude Royce, shows up in Smallville. The Kent Farm is put in jeopardy when Luthor Corp.'s waste is dumped there and Clark begins to wonder if his father was right about Lex after all. During a class assignment Chloe discovers some unsettling secrets about Clark's adoption. Lex is forced to confront his past when Jude kidnaps him and takes him back to Club Zero, which is now an abandoned warehouse where no one can hear his screams.


Dr. Hamilton has been doing research on the meteor rocks for several years, and recently has been under Lex's employ. When a Luthor Corp employee, James Beals, steals one of his experiments, the Nicodemus flower, he gets more than he bargained for. The Nicodemus' pollen makes people behave uncharacteristically when they smell it, then go on a rampage and fall into a deadly coma. Soon Johnathan, Lana and Pete are all affected by the Nicodemus, and one by one they unleash their wildest inhibitions, then slip into a coma as well.


While driving on a dark secluded road one night, Martha hits a young boy, Ryan, with her car. Ryan is able to hear people's thoughts, and was running away from his steparents, who were exploiting his gifts and had murdered a shopkeeper during a botched robbery. Ryan fakes amnesia and the Kents take Ryan in. Clark and Ryan form an immediate bond. Ryan soon finds out Clark's secret and when his stepparents take him back from the Kents, both Clark and Lex's secrets are in jeopardy


When a friendly young man named Tyler Randall arrives in Smallville and helps Martha and Clark at Mobile Meals their elderly patients couldn't be happier. But Tyler is not in Smallville to provide happiness and companionship to the elderly, he is there to help them and stop their suffering. Tyler has been affected by the meteor rocks and is able to turnpeople to ash just by touching them. Whitney's dad has another heart attack and when Tyler overhears Lana and Whitney talking about Whitney's father Tyler decides that Mr. Fordman needs his "help"


Clark wants to do something normal for once and Pete convinces him to run in the race for Class President. However, one of the candidates, Sasha, wants desperately to be Class President and is willing to do anything to win. After being attacked by bees which were infected by the meteor rocks, Sasha now has control over them and is their Queen. She sends the bees to eliminate her competition one by one. Clark gets upset when Chloe endorses one of the other candidates in the Torch, but has bigger things to worry about when Sasha sends the bees after him and Lana, then after Martha.


As Chloe realizes that Clark may never have feelings beyond friendship for her, she turns her attention to Justin Gaines, who lost the use of his hands as the result of a hit-and-run accident but gained the power of telekinesis. He can now move things using his mind. Clark becomes jealous of the affection Justin is showing Chloe and realizes that he has feelings for her as well, just as Lana realizes her feelings for Clark and decides to break up with Whitney. Lex's past is brought up again with a visit from his childhood nanny. When Justin finds out that Principal Kwan owns the car that hit him, he uses his new powers for revenge, and when Chloe starts investigating, she puts herself in danger as well.


While out horseback riding with Whitney, Lana is hurt in a gas explosion. Lex starts investigating with Dr. Hamilton again, and they find a piece of the spaceship in the field where Clark crashed down. When Chloe is kidnapped, Clark realizes he has more than just friendly feelings towards her. As a result of the explosion, Lana is able to see through the eyes of the kidnapper, and sees that Chloe has been buried alive. Clark must race to save Chloe, then Lana finds herself in trouble again when the kidnapper targets her as well.


Lionel Luthor closes the Smallville Luthor Corp. plant, laying off 2500 workers and blaming it on Lex's management mistakes. Lex decides to take control of his own destiny. Clark;s secret is put into jeopardy again as Roger Nixon from the Inquisitor sets up a farming "accident" to test Clark and records it on tape. As the Spring Formal and Whitney's graduation from Smallville High approach, Whitney makes a big announcement about his future. Clark and Chloe go to the formal together and Remy Zero perform. However Chloe's worst fear comes true as Clark races off to rescue Lana from tornadoes and Lex is faced with the decision on whether or not to save his father from the tornadoes, just as Roger goes into the storm cellar and the spaceship wakes up in the first season finale of Smallville.