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Clark's Amazing Feats


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Clark's Amazing Feats
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This section will tell when Clark first gained new abilities,or did amazing feats.


 During Gym Class Clark starts to get headaches the Coach notices ,and makes him climb up the ropes with Pete Ross.Clark becomes shocked when he sees inside is friend Pete and falls off.After landing on the floor it kicks in again unintentionally looks into the girls locker room.


When Clark ruins yet another robbery attempt by Detective Sam Phalen he decides to shoot Clark.When the trigger is pulled the bullet flys out in slow motion,and Clark manages to dodge it stepping aside.


 When Bob Rickman fails to buy the Kent Farm he gains control of Lex Luthor,and has him meet Clark at a body shop.There Lex pulls out an Uzi and fires it at Clark the bullets hit Clark before landing on the ground.The Next day Clark is covered with dark bruises.


 After Desiree Atkins marrys Lex Luthor she gains control of Johnathan Kent having him go kill Lex.Clark arrives at Lex's mansion when the gun is fired,and Clark uses his heat vision to melt the bullet saving Lex. 


  When Clark's mother is taken hostage at Luthor Corp in Metropolis Clark's only way of gaining access undetected is to jump from the top of the Daily Planet building.Once at the rooftop Clark takes off at super-speed and jumps off crashing through a window in the Luthor Corp building.