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This section is deadicated to all Clark and Chloe Shippers enjoy!


Chloe's Crush....
 Here are my thoughs on Chloe's feelings when it comes to Clark Kent.
               Chloe:" Pete do you want to take a commercial break from the soap Opera playing in your head.I've hold you a hundred times i'm not intrested in Clark"
My thoughts: Chloe's in denial a friend would never talk that way to someone unless they did have feelings toward someone.
                                 Chloe: "It's amazing how far that Kent Charm can get you" *smiles*
My thoughts: Chloe you've been daydreaming about Clark again haven't you.
                  Chloe: "Clark..."
My thoughts: the hug said it all folks.
                 Chloe: "With or Without her poseable action figure boyfriend."
My thoughts: Chloe atempting to try and get Clark to give up on Lana.
               Chloe hides behind Clark when her father starts making bad jokes on a feild trip.
My thought: hiding behind the person you've got a Crush on sheid's you from embarassment...even if they are Six footish.
             Chloe: "Clark and I are just good friends"
My thoughts: Not in your mind your not Chloe....
               Chloe: "And why is my mouth Minty"
My thoughts: Clark's special cause he uses "Scope" mouth wash.
                       Chloe: "You know Clark the choice is can either sit in your loft and play with your telescope or move on"
My thoughts: Chloe's throwing a big hint at Clark that he should give up on Lana and go for her.
                   Clark: "Ryan says some crazy things he even said that you wanted me to ask you to the prom ,and that you already bought a dress"   *Chloe starts looking aqward and Clark looks at her* "It's not pink is it".
Chloe: "I was just looking at it it's not like I actually bought it"
My thoughts: Chloe's stumbling for an excuse was more than enough proof she's intrested in Clark.
                 Chloe: "It sure would be nice to check out that house for ourselves" *bites down on her bottom lip*
My thoughts: Chloe just tell Clark how you feel and stop with your "fantasies" about Clark for 10 seconds.

Clark showing signs he has feelings toward Chloe
      Clark: "Sean's a dog you deserve better"
My thoughts: Is that jealousy I sense in your voice Clark.
             When Chloe kissed Clark
My thoughts: come on Clark it was more than just "fine" your too modest.
                   Clark kissing Chloe on the forhead
My thoughts: Clark's definately showing intrest in Chloe "friends" don't kiss others on the forhead.
                  Clark admitting he felt jealous when he saw Chloe with Justin.
My thoughts: Finally coming clean eh Clark.