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About Me

Name: Daniel

Age: 26

D.0.B.: October 20, 1979

Marital Status: Single,never married

Smallville News Forum ID: manoftommrow79

I've been a Superman fan since I was a little kid,when the movies starring Christoper Reeve were fairly new. I believe it started around 1985 or 1986 after Superman III. There's just something about Superman flying in the air that amazed me. To me Clark Kent/Superman is a great role model for kids growing up. The character tells people that you should always do the right thing no matter what people may think.

Some day in the future if i'm blessed to have kids of my own.I hope that they too are inspired to do what's right in the world. I'm glad that you came across my website,and hope you come back often. If you would ever like to chat with me you can find me at the board listed above. I talk with other Superman/Smallville fans online there.