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In this section Cliffhangers,from the last Season will be posted. With my thoughts on what might happen to them.And when the next premiere happens,will post what did happen.


The Black Ship -

This to me seems to be the biggest mystery in the Season 4 finale. It is not known who is inside is friend or foe when lana came cross the ship. It could be the real Kara Zor-El,General Zod,or an assassin coming for Clark !

Answer: Two Kryptonians Aethyr and Nam-Ek come out of the ship. They find Clark,and try to get him to join their side.When Clark refuses,they try to trap him in the Phantom Zone. Only to end up getting trap inside instead by Clark.


Will Jonathan and Martha Survive ?

While Jonathan and Martha are held hostage by Jason.One of the meteors heads toward the Kent Farm. I believe like before,they will both survive and be missed by the meteor.

Answer: Yes Jonathan walks away with a few cuts.While Martha is knocked out for a short while.And has a broken leg.


Will Jason Survive ?

When Jason has Martha and Jonathan hostage at the Kent Farm.One of the meteors heads for the farm house. I think it will hit Jason and kill him. Because Jensen Ackles who plays Jason,will be a regular cast member,for the new WB series Supernatural.

Answer: Jason is killed by one of the meteors off camera.It is later shown in a newspaper,about his death.As well his mother's which is assumed caused by the meteor shower.


Will Lana Survive ?

I think Lana will once again survive since lana in the comics.Has survived for such a long time,so I doubt she will be killed off.By who ever is in the ship weather the mysterious person is good or evil.

Answer: Lana survives her encounter with Nam-Ek and Aethyr.


Will Lionel Survive ?

While having one of the kryptonian stones.It activates,and kryptonian text is downloaded into Lionel. It could go either way for Lionel weather he lives or dies,during the shower.

Answer: Lionel wakes up from the trance,and warns Lana.That the two kryptonians are students of Zod.Where he also tells lana "their home,is their only poison".