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It kills me to say this,but I will no longer be updating.This website which in the past,i've had a strong passion doing. Has now offically died since Season 3,i've tried giving Smallville a chance. But each year they kept letting me down.

After 'Reckoning' earlier this year,I was barely able.To forgive the writers and Al & Miles. For killing off Jonathan Kent,one of my favorite characters.Al & Miles who continuely blow smoke up our butts.With their lies saying they're fans of the comics. Now plan on having Clark,Lana,and Martha turn dark a little bit. During Season 6 this is where I say: enough is enough.

If they were indeed fans of the comics.Then they wouldn't have repeated the same clana rehash.Had lana grow up,not kill off Jonathan,and kept out the future JLA members. And above all else they wouldn't have reduced Lois Lane. To a love sick puppy for superheros.And have not once explored her interest in journalism.

So this is why I am saying goodbye to the website.Because if I continued this website.Then it would be saying that I support the show.And being a loyal fan of the comics,and the Mythology that is Superman. I can not continue this site.I hate the fact that these four years.Have gone down the drain,and I only hope. That someone in the future will tell the Superman Mythology.The way it's intended and not follow the Smalliville version. I wish the entire cast of Smallville my blessing and luck. On future projects after this show wraps up,whenever that may be.

I hold Al Gough,Miles Millar,and the entire Smallville writing staff. Responsible for ruining the Mythology for the new generation.And above all for sending them the wrong message in life lessons during Season 4 & 5. Namely episode Hidden doing the most damage. I thank you all for visiting my site over the years.


Mano - Investigative Reporters Webmaster


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