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Smallville Regulars who leave the show will be posted here.In this section you can see the actor/actress who played the character,the last episode they were in,and my thoughts about them.


Actor's Name: Eric Johnson

Character's Name: Whitney Fordman

Character Status: Dead

Last Episode as a regular: Tempest

Guest Starring Episodes: Visage and Facade

My Thoughts:  In Season One at first I never really was a fan of Whitney.He always gave Clark a hard time then around episode "Reaper".My dad had a major heart attack (don't worry he survived). After that I saw Whitney in a different light and found Whitney as a likeable character. Then in Season Two I was glad to see Whitney back in episode Visage.But sadly it was really Tina the shape-shifter trying to be Whitney. Whitney died in a huge explostion,and the character of Whitney came to a close.Before Whitney was resurrected for a flashback in Facade,which gave us a new taste of Whitney of the past.


Actor's Name: Sam Jones III

Character's Name: Pete Ross

Character Status: Alive

Last Episode as a Regular: Forsaken

Guest Starring Episodes: None

My Thoughts: Pete always seemed like a cool character to me,but not the ladies man he thought he was. It'll be sad to see "Product Placement Pete" leave Smallville. He had some good moments,and definately should have had some more screen time.


Actor's Name: Jensen Ackles

Character's Name: Jason Teague

Character Status: Dead

Last episode as a regular: Commencement

Episodes as a guest star: None.

My Thoughts: Jensen made Season 4 interesting as Jason,and surprised me.When they revealed him to really be a villian near the end. But now that he's doing the new series Supernatural. I think i'll like him better as Dean than as Jason.


Actor's Name: John Schneider

Character's Name: Jonathan Kent

Character Staus: Dead

Last Episode as a Regular: Reckoning

Guest Starring Episodes: None

My Thoughts: I have been a Jonathan fan,since the pilot episode. And Jonathan had a big impact in the series.So it's no surprise that i'm sad to see this character killed off. Jonathan's death wasn't needed to further Clark's journey. And I hope Al Gough,and Miles Millar realize.The huge mistake they made,by getting rid of Jonathan.